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2009-10-05 07:57:28 by MARIOMASTER123123123

Ultimate Bully - Bully the Bear on the totem statue in the desert.

Ultimate Pest - Click the box of tricks, then click the boss alot of times.

Ultimate Savior - Defend the Bear on the totem statue in the desert.

Ultimate Spitter - Spit 20 times or more.

Nature Boy - Go to the desert, everytime you make a turn, click on every cactus until one starts

Playboy - When you get the papers to the piano guy, click his piano and Cuboy will jump to another room with a girl in it.

Do Lose Your Head - Click on Cuboy 20 times or more.

Nude boy - Give 6 beers to the drunk guy, he will give you a outfit and when you change in to it. Exit the Box of Tricks.

Ultimate Winner - Beat Padrino and win the game!
Devil - Get the ultimate bully medal.

Bear - Get the ultimate savior medal.

Cactus - Get the nature boy medal.

Nude - Get the nude boy medal.

Invisible Head - Get the do lose your head medal.

Magician - Defeat the legendary cowboy.

Indian - Talk to the Indian next to the totem statue.

Girl - Get the playboy medal, talk to the lady in the room and say "I always wanted to be lady of the
night" and when you finish the conversation. She'll give you a lady outfit.

How to get out of the desert - Go South, East, South, West, North, East and South.

How to get the legendary cowboy out - Talk to the toem statue, once you get the ultimate bully or ultimate savior medal, the totem statue will give you the real name of the indian. Once you told the real name to the indian, go to the clock and use the Bow and arrow the indian gave you.

Hope this Helped!

Back to the Cubeture 1 Walkthrough.


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2009-10-05 08:32:14

Cubeture? What's that?

MARIOMASTER123123123 responds:

Back to the Cubeture is in the medal collection, check it out there.


2009-10-05 22:19:19

thx 4 walkthrough for cube boy!

MARIOMASTER123123123 responds:

No prob.


2009-10-06 08:04:34

Oh, OK.

MARIOMASTER123123123 responds:



2009-10-06 21:52:17

Cool yalz

MARIOMASTER123123123 responds:



2009-10-10 00:50:14

Hey dude. Been awhile. ^_^

MARIOMASTER123123123 responds:

Yes, yes it has.


2009-10-11 10:12:47

Besides this, whatchu and Luigi been up to?

MARIOMASTER123123123 responds:

Playing Super smash bros. brawl, kicking everybodies asses.