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For misunderstandings from years ago...

2011-09-15 02:20:27 by MARIOMASTER123123123

If anybody remembers LUIGIMASTER234, that really wasn't me, he's an IRL friend of mine that had the same Mario fetish as me a few years ago. Hell we used to go play SSB: Melee every day @ my house and played 1v1s with me maining Mario and him maining Luigi. We're still talking every now and then but yeah; to those who didn't know me and LM234 are not the same. We may used to share the same attitude and actions but he was never me.

In other news to whom may be interested; after 4 years of typing "MARIOMASTER123123133" every time I got here, I finally started to get tired of it. So soon this week or the other one I'll be making a new account. This one is too rusty & old and I can't be asked to 'un-dust' it.

Skype - zeontornado
Youtube - TornadoMKW

EDIT: I forgot I made a new account here back in March, so I'll be using that one.
Torn1337 - My new account
You can call me Torn if you wish, no need to say my entire name now lol


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2011-09-15 11:00:57

hey need help pls check my site post and know and pls work on me we will be friends ok?


2015-04-25 12:12:23


MARIOMASTER123123123 responds:

jj jj